"Thank you, Moni. I am experiencing a shift since I spent some time with you and Tomas last Sunday in Portland...I am able to go deeper into the Silence, and am more aware of doing so rather than identifying with my mind. I am rereading The Power of Now and experiencing much more. Thank You both so very much for coming to Portland!! It is All to the good and please know that from our meeting something heavy lifted and I am more my "Self"!!"

~ Laurie D.

"Moni and Tomas - Thank you, thank you, thank you! Immense relaxation and unimpeded joy arose in our meeting in Seattle!"

~ Kari

"Thank you so much for your coming to Nice : I still hear you breathing, letting go for all of us : it´s a big help. And I hear you laugh so kindly ! "The One is looking at Itself through all these eyes" you said ... and when I feel you in me I feel myself becoming kind."

~ Eliane P.

"Your voice and most especially your laugh has a clarity and peace to it which really struck a chord somewhere in me.The timing of these meeting with you and Tomas have been beyond perfect. Thanks again, "

~ Naina

"Moni & Tomas ~ Thank you so much for the last 2 days in London I have had a great 2 days and I am without a doubt a little clearer with your superb examples in teaching. I felt such love, connection and vision in your words."

~ Tony D.

"I found the time, finally! to sit (well, actually, lying down was what wanted to happen. . .) and listen to your CD. I felt like I was being introduced to the deep and subtle fragrance of a very beautiful flower . . . Thank You so much for that!!!"

~ Shelley H.

"Dear Moni and Tomas, Thank you so very much for your last trip to Florida. I guess most of us at the meetings had had time to digest Eckhart´s new book and we were ready for something to solidify the teachings. You and Tomas were great catalysts. I felt as if I had known Tomas for years and kept having the oddest picture running thru my mind of the two of us having a beer in a pub and laughing with joy at the quirkiness of Lila. He put me at ease.Particularly at the last session there seem to be a high energy field in the room and many people seemed to catch on fire . I implore you to consider coming to Florida again soon. I believe that many of us who started to catch fire will completely burn this time in your presence. I know we have the practices, the books, videos, etc. but there is no substitute for the flesh and blood contact with the living truth. I feel blessed for what time I have had with you and Tomas and it is with deep humility and gratitude that I ask for more."

~ Jason F.

"Thank you for holding these lovely satsangs so I can learn so much and deepen my awareness. I so enjoy them." 

~ Gail M.

"Hi Moni and Tomas, Thank you very much for the beautiful weekend!!! I enjoyed myself so much and really went deep!!! so to speak!... Thank you so much for the private session!!! I feel at home!!!... I look forward to being with you both again at the earliest convience!!!"

~ Paul E.

"Thank you again for Sunday in Victoria. I have been very grateful for the insight you provided regarding my perception that I AM my ´role´ as mom - versus the higher truth that I get to fulfil the " function" of mothering - and the only role that is true, is the Role of being ME! This has given me some great relief. The journey I am on at this moment, now, is one of great huge transition. Much is shifting within me and around me... our two hours of silence, calm, humour, deep connection and love was and is a touchstone moment."

~ Teri

"You could cook weiners on the energy in the room!"

~ Trace de Jaray

"What do we have to do to get you back down to Florida? Whatever it is we will start working on it."

~ T & J

"Thank you so much. You were - are! profoundly helpful. I picked up many keys and definitely walked out of many prisons."

~ C.

"So many thanks to you. Thank you for showing me the conditioning. For your gentleness in the approach. For the stories that help me know ... what I have always known... Thank you for the stillness of your Presence... which allows me to BE there with you."

~ Sevaste

"We enjoyed being a part of your satsang. In fact, we enjoyed it so much that we were wondering if it might be possible to get you and Tomas to come to Little Rock, Arkansas. Sitting with your group was the highlight of our visit."

~ Debbie M.

"Gary and I wanted to send a hello to you and Tomas and let you know I meaningful the weekend we attended in Rochester was for us. We want you both back soon, Having the experience made the book come alive for us."

~ Bonnie D.

"Thank you... thank you... for the wonderful retreat... Feels soo... peaceful inside... So much gratitude... "

~ S.S.

"It was a unique experience for me....thank you for your extraordinary presence, patience, loving kindness, the care with which you choose just the right words, your dedication to living what you believe.......... "

~ Sandra

"Thanks to you I see that IT´S still whispering in the background no matter what I´m doing. I say YES to Satsang! PS the addition of Yoga really helped... Great Idea. You and Tomas certainly make a great team... Gangaji and Eli Watch OUT!"

~ John

"Moni & Tomas ... an absolutely spectacular retreat .... the presence is starting to really set in.... think I finally got the hang of it!!!!! haha - & there I thought I already HAD IT!"

~ Wendi

"Thanks to you, Moni and Tomas. It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to be in quiet contemplation, surrounded by love and thoughtfulness."

~ Susan

"Dear Moni and Tomas, I'm so glad I got to spend time with you this weekend in stillness. love, love, love the energy, the insights, the pointers, the space. much gratitude and love "

~ Jennifer and Lucky

"Thank-you to you and Tomas so much for coming to TO. The effects of which are spreading out like ripples on water. There's so much I'd like to say most of all lots of love and gratitude to you and Tomas for guiding me back to myself."

~ Angela

"Satsang with you two blew my mind off. Honestly, it was one of the deepest satsangs I've ever been to. You are so great together. I enjoyed so much experiencing your individual flavours but also your combined flavour. Lots of pennies dropped. I am basking in the deliciousness that was revealed."

~ Alison

"Satsang with Moni and Tomas is a very profound experience. There is a very deep ease to their presence, I found it effortless to simply BE in the stillness. Since the satsang i have been filled with a deep peace and inner quiet, and the knowing that all is well. Thank you Moni and Tomas!"

~ Christine

"Thank you Moni. It was wonderful to have you and Tomas here in Calgary...deeply restful."

~ Elaine

"I wanted to thank you for the wonderful evening we all experienced in Vernon. I was the one who brought my wife and my daughter. We were all moved by the very truthful and authentic experience that it was. Ahhhhhhhhh.... I am sill celebrating the wonderful energy that is. With love and oneness."

~ Larry

"Thank You Moni & Tomas. Words can not begin to describe. Like the weekend, this Monday night on Dupont St. was very special...Your presence is still very much with us. love and respect, "

~ Chuck

"Dearest Moni; Many blessings to you and Tomas for the gift of your Presence this past week, both over the weekend and at Tuesday night Satsang. Your silence and love never fails to inspire and benefit! Joy and Love to you both, "

~ Debora

"Dear Moni and Dear Tomas, Merci Merci Merci Back to Paris late last night in total bliss. If words could express the beauty of your satsang I wish I knew them. All I can say is that on the train we sat and sang in joyful gratitude for what we received. Thank you dear friends And see you soon "

~ Jean-Marc & Jose

"Thanks so much for your beauty, love and influence in our lives.....to both you and Tomas..... every time we leave being with you, we both say how much we love "those two"......thanks so so so much for all you give. I am so very grateful for the opportunity to sit in stillness with you. lots and lots and lots of love "

~ Lori-Ann

"Moni and Tomas hold a beautiful space in which the veils of illusion are dissolved gently and naturally in the bright light of Truth."

~ Marcos

"Hi Moni, I thoroughly enjoyed the intensive. Your energy was great, and I felt peacefrul and happy when I left. Thanks again. "

~ Roslyn

"Thank you again for the most ´enlightening´ weekend I've ever attested. I noticed that the Life Force got sparked again, resulting in a more open heart. A strengthened self-confidence lets me be more energetic again. It is delicious. Thank you very much. Warmly "

~ Satya

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