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"Within the still sacred space that Moni provides, it is easy to find the inner stillness that is the essence of who you are."

~ Eckhart Tolle, eckharttolle dot com

"It's wonderful that you are travelling and spreading consciousness."

~ Eckhart speaking to Moni & Tomas

"Moni Vangolen is gentle strength. As Presence, she softens and clarifies. Her meetings are joyful and direct, and very liberating. I recommend her utterly and invite you to join her in this ongoing celebration of Being unveiling itSelf!"

~ Pamela Wilson, pamelasatsang dot com

"Moni is a radiant, delightful embodiment of Presence. She is very close to Eckhart and has been teaching with his full support and blessing for a number of years. Her gifts are many; she radiates presence and love in a positively angelic way and has the ability to clearly cut through to the truth. This supports those who sit with her in awakening to the truth of their being and living that in the ´real world´."

~ Karen McPhee, karenmcphee dot com

"I was fortunate to have spent this past weekend with Moni and with great sincerity ask that you consider being with her this coming weekend in Ft. Lauderdale. She is a very special teacher whose presence is available to everyone. Please take advantage of this opportunity."

~ Mitchell Doshin Cantor

"What I thought was a problem turned out to be a way of looking at a situation; working with Moni on it was like the effortless turning of a kaleidoscope - my view gently, joyfully and easily shifted. Though my consultation was over the telephone, I could feel Moni´s Presence, powerful in its Divine gentleness. With absolute focus and clarity, Moni was able to cut through to the essence of what was really going on and what needed saying, no words wasted. I appreciated the dignity and regard with which she conducted herself and conveyed to me as a client. Definitely worth the (reasonable) price, a gift to myself, a valuable investment in my personal and spiritual growth."


"Moni has a unique talent for guiding one to that ultimately inescapable reality--- one´s own true nature. She is able to communicate the closeness and immediacy of this realization without undue fanfare or ceremony. Her guided meditations simply yet powerfully allow one´s resistance to effortlessly drop away. Moni is like a Cheshire cat that just ate the canary whole, unable to contain her mirth, radiating an invitation to the feast. "

~ John LeBlanc

"Moni is a teacher who demonstrates both a lifelong exposure to a variety of spiritual traditions and a deep understanding of the essence of spirituality. Her heartfelt appreciation of the writings and teachings of Eckhart Tolle, developed over the last several years, is clearly conveyed in our group. I have never been part of a group which resonates so completely with well-being and awareness. As a therapist working in mental health, I find that our weekly meetings both nurture me and contribute to my spiritual growth. "

~ Deirdre Evans

"Moni is a fantastic teacher/facilitator. I have learned invaluable tools to access the Power of Now. Moni´s unwavering Presence is always evident in her teachings. Her style is light-hearted, warm and calming. I highly recommend her groups: Living the Power of Now, the weekly Wednesday evening group and the one day Intensives. This is a journey you won´t want to miss! Thank you Moni -- your Presence has made a positive difference in my life and life situation."

~ Linda Sangwine

"Moni Vangolen maintains a presence that shifted me into a higher consciousness on the first day of my retreat with her. I experienced greater calm, peace, and bliss for the whole day. On the second day of the retreat, I received a powerful, life-altering message. Moni has helped me tremendously with this through her profound attention, clarity, compassion, and wisdom."

~ Diane Reid

"I attended your talk earlier this month at the John St. Church in Camden, Maine. While I did not participate in the weekend workshop, the Friday night talk alone produced in me such a wonderful and unmistakeable opening into presence that I just had to write and thank you personally. I am very glad you made the trip to Maine!"

~ David V.

"Thank you so much for such a powerful evening last night, in spite of your jet lag/flu. I enjoyed the experience very much and found that it was exactly what I needed to quiet myself!! You are a gifted facilitator with a beautiful voice and presence. Thanks for making my first evening there safe and meaningful! I will see you again."

~ Natalee P.

"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the gathering at your home the other night. It´s so powerful to be in a room with people who are present, in the moment. It was definitely helpful for me to be surrounded by this energy. Sometimes I find it very challenging to stay clear when it seems like most people haven´t the slightest inclination to go beyond their thoughts. The enquiry into being unidentified with the content of one´s mind is too abstract, daunting and probably a ridiculous notion for most. Being in yours and Tomas´ presence the other night reminds me how energizing it is to be with people who have flowered into this new consciousness. It truly aids those of us who are still in the flowering process."

~ Renée

"After years and years of spiritual seeking, I was exhausted and had just about given up hope. Then I met Moni. In a very short time, her gentle teaching led me to my authentic self, and now there is no more seeking. I have to say that peace, and the end of suffering, is a beautiful thing."

~ George

"Hi Moni: I just wanted to say thank-you for last evening´s satsang. It was the deepest and most peaceful and relaxing satsang I have experienced. It was wonderful. "

~ Tony

"Thanks again for such a beautiful Satsang. I appreciate your wonderful sense of humour and lightness with your words. Namaste. "

~ Dean

"Hey Moni, Just wanted to say thanks for a very powerful satsang tonight. I was tickled pink by you tonight. Deeply delighted inside. You seem to have a way of speaking EXACTLY about what I´ve been experiencing often. Very curious... I´m just grateful it shows up that way. When space is the most obvious, there is no difference between you and I. I see this. Same space. It was such a welcome vibe... Just very human, very honest, very connected, very real. I also appreciate that I can be in a fairly small group. I´ll enjoy it while I can. You guys may go supernova and I´ll need a mike. Ha. Lots n lots of wavey love, "

~ Ally

"Satsang with Moni feels like love surrounding and embracing you! Personally, there is a draw to be around Moni's delightful, calm and honest presence. Moni's direct approach and truthfulness, is re-freshing! Moni's laughter and giggles are infectious! The energy and space of stillness and dialoque are beautifully balanced in each present moment. Allowing the meeting of stillness to unfold naturally, resonates beautifully with me. Moni's graceful, gentle and humourous presence are easy to be around. Feelings of good vibrations at satsang are peaceful, re-energizing, fun, intriquing and provide opportunity to be open and curious---without judgement. Discovering truths about yourself are quite liberating. After many years of exploring and continuing to explore my conditioning ways and a desire to grow and learn, the universe manifested satsang and Moni into my world at the perfect time. ‘Waking up’, connecting to my spiritual, more authentic self and experiencing satsang, is like embracing the beauty of nature. Effortless ease feels good! Especially to the ladies out there in the world......waking up is fun! "

~ Jan

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